Pre-Series Models built in Italy?

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Pre-Series Models built in Italy?

Postby rdv » Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:26 am

Hi at all,
has anybody heard, where the Pre-Series or Showroom cars for the Spider Presentation were built?

In my hometown Hamburg (good old Germany) there was only ONE new Fiat 124 Spider in the Presentation Showroom. The VIN Begins with ZFA.. which means ".. built by FIAT in ITALY" (same like the VINs of the old Fiat Spider from 1981..).

Presentation Model Pictures:

All New Fiat 124 Spiders have the japanese VINs starting with JC1.. (which means manufactured by Mazda in Japan)
for example:

How many Pre-Series cars were built? Any other VINs from the Pre-Series known?


PS: Is there any site with a registry for the New Fiat 124 Spider? Would be interesting too..

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