Failure to read these instructions will result in a failure to register.
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Registration for this forum is not automatic and is by admin approval only, in order to prevent spammers and bots from contaminating our site. Also Important to note, the approval is a manual process by the admin. Every effort is made to go through the (large) list of registration requests every day. That said, there are times where this process can be delayed for various reasons and it could take a few days for you to get approved. Have patience, your submission will be reviewed and if you have followed these directions you will be approved. MAKE SURE you do the following in order to attain approval - failure to follow ALL of these requirements will result in the deletion of your registration!:

1. Your user name must make sense. It can be any combination of letters or numbers, however some kind of appropriate and non-offensive name is required. It can be a nickname, or "board handle" but it must be a proper noun or word. "Giberish" will get you deleted right away.Again, we are constantly bombarded by spammers. If you pick a user name that seems "sketchy", it is very likely that your submission will be deleted.

2. IMPORTANT: During registration you are asked for the type of car you drive (if you own a Fiat Spider, give year and model). You must answer this question. If you don't currently own a Fiat spider, that's fine just enter your current car info, year then model. This info needs to be correct - if it isn't your request will be deleted. Why do we ask? Bots and spammers will routinely auto-fill this space with any combination of nonsense. We immediately delete these accounts.

3. It is HIGHLY recommended that after your registration has been activated, go to the "New Members / Introductions" section and post a "hello" message. We ask you to do this because from time to time we may go through and "prune" members with zero posts.

Thanks! Your cooperation with this will help us keep this community pure and much more enjoyable.
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