advice build for spirited mountain driving

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Re: advice build for spirited mountain driving

Postby chrisg » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:05 pm

Larger front bar & no rear is an interesting setup. I'd ask if you like it, but since you say you're adding a rear bar I'm guessing not so much?

The sentiment about keeping in context is quite wise I think. You can really wake these cars up reasonably and with relatively simple modifications make the suspension quite nice (which, along with properly working brakes seems like THE main answer to the original question), but you are still working with a 50 year old platform. If a much less "interesting" newer car can't out-perform our Fiats in a number of ways (or at least in the performance/dollar evaluation), there's something wrong with the last half century's worth of automotive engineering development! That said, I find it MUCH more satisfying to bring the most out of these cars while appreciating them for the hand-built classic Italian coachbuilder works of art they are than I would buying something modern for shear break-neck, I had my fun with expensive highway patrol fast driver awards when i was younger and I'd rather not go there again anyway...and any racing or time trial I'm gonna be doing is on a bicycle not in a car.
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Re: advice build for spirited mountain driving

Postby 81SPIDERMATT » Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:08 pm

I will second the 4.3 rear end .... mountain driving is my main play area and it sure made a difference ....Matt

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